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If you are very choosy:choose this hotel!

"Where do I start? The view, the rooms, the cleanliness, the's all great! Such a pleasant high level of comfort. Every time you get such nice surprises. What makes the hotel special though is the staff. They actually seem to love their job. They are so friendly, but also attentive and quick. Even when something very minor is forgotten, it gets solved in no time with a smile. The breakfast is "to die for", what a feast to look forward to every morning. Italian breakfasts are not known to be elaborate, but this one is. All authentic Tuscan cut meats, five (!) local cheeses to choose from and even more relishes to go with it. Prosecco everyday. If you want full English? No problem. If you want your breakfast like at home? No problem either. Again, the waiters are all brilliant greeting you with a smile and serving you breakfast items a la carte as well! You get clean beach towels everyday and little bottles of water. Also the beachclub Irene that works together with the Hotel, upholds the same standard. The Hotel pays for your entry fee. At first I thought it was strange people have to pay for a beach, but now I see the benefits. Everyday the staff cleans the beach thoroughly, there's a lifeguard present all the time, your comfortable beach chairs and parasols are reserved for you everyday, there are clean shower facilities and a nice lunch restaurant and again, all the staff there are very friendly, their friendly greeting when you come and leave, just make the difference.
I guess I could go on forever, but the best thing is, when you're a choosy hotel customer like I am: book this hotel and enjoy a brilliant holiday here"!!!

June 2015

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